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2 Creative Uses For Broken Mirror Glass In Your Home

Broken mirrors are one of the most common reasons homeowners will visit a glass repair shop for replacement glass pieces. Whether it is in the form of a broken dresser mirror or vanity piece, it seems that mirrors are a commonly damaged glass component in the home. They say every time you break a mirror you are destined for seven years of bad luck, but just because this kind of broken glass is considered a bad omen it does not mean that you cannot turn mirror shards into something good. Here are two creative uses for broken mirror pieces around the house.

Give a Small Wall Some Character

In the 60's, mirrors were a popular fixture in home decor, and that old-fashioned idea is being used in modern homes quite a bit in the last few years. Instead of paying a contractor to add a full out mirrored wall in your home, collect broken mirror shards after an accident and use them to recreate something a bit funky, but incredibly stylish in your home.

Pick a small wall, grab a good pair of gloves, and rearrange the pieces into an artistic arrangement on the wall using silicone glue for attaching the pieces. Fill in the spaces between the shards with decorative cement mix, which can be purchased in a variety of colors, and within a few hours your home will have an individualized feature that is unique to your space.

Create Whimsical Landscape Gazing Balls

Those landscape gazing balls, designed to be placed on pedestals in your landscape or situated in the middle of a flower garden, are quite the stunning piece. However, new gazing balls can be costly to acquire. If you have some broken mirror pieces, or even glass from a broken window, you can use this material to create your own whimsical gazing ball.

  1. Use a small hammer to break your shards of glass into pieces no larger than an inch wide in any direction. Make sure to wear gloves and safety goggles while you work.
  2. Cover a bouncy ball with crafting cement and place the shards of glass in place until the ball is completely covered except for a small space at the base of the ball.
  3. Carefully place the glass pieces on the ball, keeping them evenly spaced about a 1/4 inch apart until the ball is almost completely covered.
  4. Allow the sculpture to dry overnight and then repeat the process on the base of the ball.

With a little creative ingenuity, you can turn glass and window pieces into something beautiful for your home. These projects can help keep you entertained while you are waiting for mirror repair and you can spend less time worrying about the next seven years of bad luck you could be facing. Get more information about glass repair here.