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3 Things To Check Before Calling Your HVAC Contractor To Fix Your Air Conditioning

Like anything, your air conditioning system may malfunction. Should that happen on a hot day, you will likely want things to be repaired right away. Luckily, there are some things you can check on your own before you call your HVAC contractor. Try the following tips first.

Examine the Filters

One of the easiest ways to fix a problem with your air conditioning is something that many people don't even consider. The filters in your air conditioning system can become clogged with dirt, dust and other debris over time, which can cause problems with the entire air conditioning system. Clogged filters can lead to a weaker stream of cool air, and cause wear and tear on your system that can cause premature failure.

To fix this problem, all you have to do is locate your filters and clean off the layer of dirt and dust with a soft cloth or a small bristle brush, such as an old toothbrush. If a filter is too dirty, you may need to replace it with a new filter. Those can be bought at any home improvement store.

Check Your Thermostat

Before having a local contractor come out to make AC repairs, another easy thing to do is to check the batteries in your thermostat. You may not even realize that your thermostat is battery-operated, so check that before calling a professional for repairs. Put a fresh pair of batteries into the thermostat and see if that resolves the problem. Then make sure that the system is set to cool, so that you can try cooling your home again to make sure that the only problem was thermostat power.

Check the Screws

If your air conditioning system is making strange noises whenever you turn it on, the first thing you should check is the unit. More specifically, you need to look at the screws that hold your unit in place to ensure they aren't loose and causing all that noise. If they are, simply tighten them. If this is a difficult job, lubricant can help to make sure they screw back into place.

If none of the above tips seem to handle the problem, or you want to check with a professional to ensure that you have done everything right, get in touch with a local HVAC contractor. You can help them to more quickly diagnose the cause of the problem by telling them what you've already tried. You will soon have your air conditioning system working again.