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Helpful Hints For A Feng Shui Bedroom

For most busy adults, their bedroom is their sanctuary. If you are looking to create a relaxing and peaceful vibe in your bedroom, designing around feng shui beliefs can accomplish just that. In a nutshell, feng shui can be described as balancing the energy of a space through the placement and design of the items in that space. Below are a few helpful hints you can use to further balance the energy in your bedroom to maximize your comfort level.  

Prepare Your Space

Before you redecorate your space with a true feng shui feel, you must do a little prep work. It is believed that clutter keeps your chi from being restored each night as you sleep. You can't balance the energy in your room if your physical well-being is out of balance. Prep your space by decluttering everything that is a non-essential.

Your prep work doesn't end with cutting down clutter. You also need to make sure you are breathing in clean air. Breathing in clean air cleanses your chi and in turn, balances your body and mind.

Furniture Placement

Your bed will be your biggest driving factor with furniture placement. Your primary goal is to place your bed as far away from your door as possible while still keeping it within your view. This allows energy to flow freely through your home without obstruction. If that is not possible, place your bed as far from the door as possible and place a mirror somewhere in your room that allows you to see the door's entrance from your bed.

End tables are welcome bedroom furniture. When possible, look for end tables and other bedroom furniture that have soft, curved lines. Straight edges are thought to direct negative energy to you when you are sleeping.

Design Tips

Color plays a large role in feng shui design. Shades of green offer a calming presence, yellow is said to be very stimulating, red encourages romance, and blue can be quite relaxing. Too much red can draw a fire-like energy into the room, and too much blue can cause the energy in a room to be quite cool. If you choose red or blue, use the colors sparingly.

Keeping nightstands, dressing tables and bureaus minimally accessorized will maximize the zen of the room. Bring in essential accessories and leave out the frill.

Lastly, light is key to recharging good energy. Make sure your windows let in the maximum amount of light possible. Don't forget to open your drapes daily to breathe light and life into your space.

When you have a peaceful oasis to retire to after a long day, you will begin to notice these effects in your daily life. Feng shui is a great way to increase the serenity you feel in your bedroom. With a few small changes, you can completely transform the energy of your room to work for you.