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4 Ways You Can Make Your Refrigerator Last

Your refrigerator is a main appliance in your home that most people cannot live without. The average refrigerator should last you around 13 years. Learn 4 simple ways you can extend the life of your fridge, so you can enjoy its cooling capabilities for much longer.

Defrost your freezer

If you have an older refrigerator that does not defrost on its own, make sure you defrost your freezer whenever the ice builds up. Doing so helps out the motor within your unit, allowing your freezer to ventilate properly and keep your produce frozen more effectively. Your ice buildup will tell you when it's time to defrost as it builds up to around a half inch.

Keep the outside free of debris

Sweep under your fridge often to keep debris, such as dog and cat hair, dried food, and other items from blocking the door and making it lose its closing ability. Vacuum behind your refrigerator once a month so you can keep the coils free of dust, cobwebs, and errant hair. This allows your unit to ventilate, which will also increase its cooling abilities.

Replace cracked or broken seals

If your fridge has broken or cracked seals on it, it can't close properly. This allows cool air to escape, which keeps your temperature uneven. Your fridge should only kick on as the temperature rises, which is prevented by having proper sealing. The harder your fridge has to work to cool your food, the more worn out the motor gets, which can decrease its life span. You can keep these seals in great repair by wiping them down so sticky residue and food particles don't interfere with its locking ability.

Have it inspected

If your fridge is very loud when it is running, or it seems to run a lot more than it used to, you need to have it professionally inspected. An appliance repair technician can check your coils, the freon, an other aspects of your fridge to make sure everything is working as it should.

Another great reason to have your fridge inspected is energy consumption. The more energy your fridge is using due to ill repair, the more money it costs you on your energy bill. A simple inspection can make your appliance good as new again.

Your refrigerator is an important appliance in your home. You can help it live its full life by doing simple maintenance. This also helps it run more efficiently, and keep your food and beverages cool as long as possible. To learn more, contact a company like DBH Appliance Repair with any questions you have.