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Feng Shui In 2015: Why You Must Be Very Sheepish When Choosing Window Treatments This Year

Feng shui is the Chinese art of room arrangement that has been practiced for over 1700 years. Furniture placement, wall colors and other design elements are thoughtfully chosen to create a sense of harmony, productivity and inspiration in the home or office.

According to Chinese astrologers, 2015 is the year of the Wood Sheep. If you're planning on buying new window treatments this year, get your feng shui on by selecting drapes and window coverings that work well with the characteristics of the gentle lamb.

Sheep represent peace and harmony.

Sheep live in herds, constantly communicating with each other to maintain the security of the group. To translate this sense of tranquility into window treatments, think of choosing colors that soothe and calm you.

The hues of the pasture - from the nuanced greens of the field to the pale blue of the sky - are good places to start. Curtains or shades in pale beige, champagne or gray are also calming.

Sheep have a feminine nature.

Because of their calm, friendly demeanor, sheep are considered to be more feminine in their characteristics. This works out well in 2015, since this year's interior designers are rediscovering the feminine side of decorating.

The "new" feminine style of room design isn't fussy or frilly as in the past, but relies on mixing more delicate fabrics with modern, clean-lined furniture.

You can bring some of the new feminine energy to your windows by ordering custom drapes made with delicate floral fabrics. Or use gauzy, flowing panels in pale colors to create an elegant boudoir effect. Another style is to order drapery panels in a neutral color, then top them with valances or swags in a dainty fabric pattern.

When you think of sheep, remember natural and textural elements.

Wood is big in the Year of the Sheep. Wooden shutters or blinds behind your drapes are a great way to incorporate this natural material. You can also use wooden drapery rods in any rustic color - from unstained oak to dark cherry.

To add other natural materials to your home, select draperies made of linen, bamboo, hemp or burlap. These materials mimic another sheep-like feature: wooly texture. Using nubby, textured fabrics and elements in your living and working spaces is a great way to translate the Year of the Sheep into your decorating plans.

In the Year of the Sheep, you can expect prosperity, peace and freedom. To follow this year's feng shui trends, do be sheepish when it comes to selecting your new window treatments. Think like a lamb and pick out drapery that's comforting, harmonious and enjoyable to touch. Talk to experts like those at http://www.sylvansdrapesandblinds.com for more information.