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5 Tips For Decorating Your Child's Bedroom

Decorating: it's simultaneously fun and challenging. You want to decorate your child's bedroom in a way that's beautiful and stylish, yet also functional. Decorating children's bedrooms carries with it unique concerns; everything must be safe and also durable in order to stand up to a child's naturally curious and rambunctious nature. Here are four pointers to make your decorating endeavor easier:

1. Change color schemes.

  • ​Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the whole look of a bedroom. Allow your child to have input on the new color scheme. Their choice in colors may be funky and different from what you'd pick, but allowing your child to choose the paint will make their bedroom feel more like it's theirs.
  • For even more family fun, let your child help you paint. If your child is old enough to handle such a job, being included in the work will encourage them to value the end product even more.

2. Choose fun, kid-friendly furniture.

  • Many furniture stores sell pieces designed specifically for kids. Consider buying a few pieces of kid-centric furniture for your child's room, aside from the bed itself. Having furniture that's just their size is a novelty that will thrill your child.
  • A little child-sized sofa or arm chair is the perfect centerpiece for a reading corner. Encourage your child to read by setting up a comfy nook with good lighting, a book shelf, and a few colorful pillows.

3. Consider using fabric protectant spray.

  • Children are notorious for having sticky, messy fingers. Spills, messes, and stains are par for the course when living with kids. Consider protecting your child's furniture from permanent stains by using fabric protectants.
  • Spray the furniture with an even coat of your protectant of choice and allow it to dry. The result is stain-resistant furniture! You should now be able to wipe most messes off with a damp paper towel.

4. Go thrifting.

  • There's a treasure trove of goodies to be found at thrift stores. Once you have the main elements of your child's bedroom assembled, thrift shopping can be a fun way to add decorative flair. For instance, if your child enjoys drawing or painting, you might be able to find some inexpensive frames for their art at the thrift store. Your child will feel proud when they see their art beautifully and prominently displayed on their bedroom wall.
  • Thrift stores are also a great place to pick up retro linens. Curtains and bed clothes can be found at great discounts. At such low prices, you'll be able to replace them whenever they get stained or when the bedroom needs a new look.

These four tips offer ideas for decorating that can be fun for the whole family. Encourage your child to decorate with you to create a bedroom that they will love for a long time to come.