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4 Most Common Misconceptions about Bed Bugs You Need to Know

If there is one thing people are talking about when it comes to pests, it is bed bugs. This issue is affecting millions of people in the United States. In fact, one out of every five people has had some experience with bed bugs, either in their own home or in a hotel. Here are a few misconceptions about these creepy crawlers you should know before inspecting your own home.

Misconception: Bed bugs only thrive on mattresses.

Fact: When you first arrive at a hotel or suspect bed bugs in your home, the first thing you likely check is the mattress. However, bed bugs can hide in other places in a room. They will make a home around the edges of carpeting, in clothing, and even on low-hanging drapes.

Misconception: You will always be able to see bed bugs on a mattress.

Fact: Bed bugs are not always visible on a mattress. Even by checking the creases and stripping the bed of blankets, you may not spot them. These little critters are masters at hiding out during the day and if there are only a few bugs, you may never know they are there.

Misconception: You can get rid of bed bugs with store bought spray.

Fact: You can find sprays in stores that are designed to kill bed bugs on contact. The only problem with this is that bed bugs are not often out where they can be seen. They burrow their way into the creases of mattresses, bedding, and carpeted floors. They can even make their way inside of electric outlets. furthermore, many of these sprays contain harsh chemicals that you will not want to use directly on your bedding.

Misconception: Bed bugs only bite humans.

Fact: Bed bugs will feed on animals just the same as they do humans. Bed bugs can even be brought into the home by a dog or cat that has been exposed to the insects, but it is not likely.

Misconception: Bed bugs will not travel on their own.

Fact: If you live in an apartment building or a house that is in close proximity to a residence that had a bed bug infestation, the bugs can and will travel. It is not uncommon for extermination efforts, such as mattress removal, to lead to other homes in a neighborhood seeing the bugs.

When you know the facts, it is easy to see why the best thing to do if you even suspect you have bed bugs is to contact a professional pest control service like Midwest Exterminating for help. Not eliminating the issue right away could easily lead to a major infestation that will be nearly impossible to get rid of in your home.