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Three Reasons To Use Blinds In Your Home

Privacy, right? The only reason to install blinds on your windows so that you don't have—or constantly feel like you have—neighbors watching your every move. Not so fast. While it is true that blinds will wall you off from the outside world, they can do way more than add a little privacy to your home. 

Energy Efficiency

Windows are a gaping hole in your home's insulation blanket. During the summer, the sun's UV rays can stream right through your windows and cause your home to heat up, which in turn makes your AC unit run much harder than it should. By installing window blinds and shutting them when your windows receive direct sunlight you can reduce heat gain by up to 45%; thus, helping to keep your home cooler and your cooling costs lower. 

Protect Your Furniture and Art

When you leave your paintings and furniture out in the sun, the sun will bleach the color away. When you have expensive paintings in your home, you want to protect them so that they don't lose value simply hanging on your walls. The same is true of furniture. You can pay thousands of dollars on a furniture set, and the sun can turn it into something that resembles a forgotten relic from yesteryear. You can use blinds to block the sun and protect your furnishings. 

Fringe Benefits

You could use curtains or drapes to much the same effect as blinds if you are just trying to keep your cooling costs down or shield your artwork from the sun, but blinds give you benefits that you can't get from other window coverings. For example, blinds allow you adjust how much sunlight and in what way light enters your home. Plus, with all of the different styles of custom blinds on the market, you should be able to find some that complement the décor of your home whether you are trying to go with a quaint, rustic look or an ultra modern scheme. 

Natural light can add beauty to a home and help to keep your utility bills lower by reducing the need for artificial light, but natural light can also cause problems for your home. With all of the options for window treatments on the market, you might have difficulty deciding what to use on your home. Window blinds are a highly functional, highly aesthetically pleasing, highly versatile option that can be a great addition to your home.