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Live, Work, And Play: Designing An Outdoor Living Space That's Practical And Fun

Do you enjoy outdoor living but find your outdoor space to be a little dull and boring? A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to designing an outdoor space that you and your family will love.

A great outdoor space should provide plenty of room to entertain and have fun, while at the same time be practical enough to handle a garden full of vegetables and flowers.

When you think outside the typical backyard and patio design, you can create a fun-filled outdoor space where living, working, and playing will be easy.

Create a miniature outdoor house

Who says an outdoor space has to be one big area? Think about creating a series of outdoor rooms to make the most of your backyard and patio space.

Wooden privacy fences make the perfect dividers for separating your outdoor rooms. Leave a gap of about four feet between the wooden dividers to create a doorway to the next room.

A welcoming entryway

First impressions are important. Make the entryway to your outdoor space inviting and welcoming. This is the perfect area to show off the beauty of an outdoor garden water fountain.

What could be more inviting and serene than being welcomed by the sound of trickling water and a beautifully designed garden water fountain as you enter your outdoor space? To truly set the mood for all who enter, look for garden water fountains for sale to place in your outdoor space. 

The main room

The focal point of your outdoor house should be a room for entertaining guests or spending quiet evenings at home with the family.

You can use small white marble stones for the flooring to separate the entertaining space from the rest of the garden. Install a fire pit in the center of the area. Outdoor furniture should be placed around the fire pit.

Decorate the corners of the room with potted plants, solar lights, candle lanterns, or garden statues.

Garden room

You don't need a large area to grow lots of vegetables or flowers. Whether you choose to grow a garden directly in the ground, in containers, or in raised beds, your garden room will supply you with plenty of fresh food and herbs to use in cooking.

Place the garden in the center of the room, and use crushed stone to make a walkway around the garden for easy weeding and maintenance tasks. The walkway should be at least two feet wide.

Dining area

Consider using a pergola to cover the dining space to give it a room-like feel. Add a picnic table or outdoor table and chairs to complete the look.

If desired, create a vertical garden along the walls to provide additional growing space for plants, flowers, or herbs.

When your outdoor space is designed to be practical as well as fun, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're hosting a party or spending a romantic evening alone with a loved one, your outdoor space will be your favorite place to live, work, and play.