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How to Use the Color Orange Effectively in Home Office Design

If you're crazy about the color orange, you're not alone. Orange is making a big impact in interior design.

Perhaps you never thought about using the color orange in your office because you thought it would be too overpowering. However, inviting orange into your home office makes sense. Orange is energizing and can make even the dreariest day appear a little brighter. It can transform a dull and boring office into an office that refreshes and energizes you.

Knowing how to use orange effectively, without it being too overpowering, is the key to a successful orange office makeover.

A little orange goes a long way

The great thing about the color orange is its huge impact. Orange commands attention. You don't need to use a lot of orange to enjoy the bright benefits of the color. 

Use orange as an accent color instead of the main color in a home office. For instance, choose a neutral color for three of the walls and paint one wall orange. Another option is to use a neutral color for all the walls and use orange to paint the trim around the door and windows.

You can also use neutral colors throughout the room and use orange to paint the desk, bookcases, or shelves to make a colorful impact in the room.

Choosing only orange accessories is another option. Look for orange notebooks or binders. You can buy orange baskets or plastic storage bins to use for storing items on shelves. Look for orange picture frames, staplers, pencil holders, or letter holders to brighten up your desk.

Using orange window shades or an orange curtain topper is another easy way to add a little orange to the room.

Finding the perfect furniture for orange

Gray and white look delightful with orange. When you visit your local office furniture store, look for furniture in gray or white. You can also choose a white or gray desk and look for an orange office chair. An orange chair will contrast well with the neutral desk color.

Bold colors are becoming more popular in office decorating. If you can't find an orange chair at your local office furniture store, ask a sales associate if you can special order one. You may be able to find an office chair upholstered in a geometric or print fabric that contains shades of orange.

You may want to consider choosing a white or gray desk with large knobs or drawer handles. Painting the knobs orange is an easy way to add an additional pop of color to the room.

Orange on the floor

Choose a light floor color. Natural wood flooring or white ceramic tile is a good choice. A large rectangle or oval rug in a solid orange print or geometric pattern will make a bold color statement in the room.

Once you know how to decorate effectively with the color orange, you will be on your way to creating a home office in your favorite color. Decorating with orange will transform your home office into a lovely work space filled with color and energy.