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Inspired Ideas For Quartz Countertops In The Bathroom

By now you might be hip to the new countertop material in town, quartz composite. In fact, quartz composite has been around for quite a while. Its durability has long been prized for the kitchen. As Home and Garden TV points out, quartz countertops consist of 95 percent ground natural quartz mixed with 5 percent polymer resins. In addition to affording you almost limitless color and pattern combinations, this formula makes quartz resistant to stains, mildew, and mold – perfect for a bathroom vanity surface.

Hollywood Glamour

A benefit of manufactured quartz composite is that it can mimic more expensive materials, such as marble. Quartz countertops can also be shaped with pretty curves. Use this to your advantage for a glamorous vanity with a marble-look top replete with elegant scrolls. Have the edges beveled or cut into a bullnose style. Replace the hardware with brass-plated pieces to give your vanity a gilt look.

Pop Art

Another benefit of manufactured quartz is that it doesn't have to resemble natural stone at all. If you prefer a more modern style bathroom, consider transforming it with pop art décor. Hang wallpaper with bold colors and geometric designs. Pull one of those bold colors out of the design to utilize in your countertop. For instance, top a chic black vanity with bright red or green quartz composite. Keep the hardware minimalist so the color scheme takes center stage.

Classic Nautical

Nautical themes are common in the bathroom. Give your bathroom a touch of Cape Cod chic with a white, blue and red color palette. Start with a wooden vanity painted navy blue, and top it with a quartz countertop in classic white. Finish the vanity with gold-look hardware, and complement the overall design with touches of red in the accent pieces.

Soothing Japanese

Japanese style is inspired by the soothing art of Feng Shui. As such, the style promotes simplicity and natural materials. For this vanity, consider starting with a bamboo foundation or one in light wood. Top this with a quartz composite in muted green limestone to promote the connection with nature.

Neutral Elegance

There's something to be said for keeping your bathroom's vanity understated, especially if other aspects of the décor take center stage. One way to make your vanity understated but elegant is to start with a deep wood piece. For this vanity, look for a quartz with rich, creamy undertones to lighten up the wood. To make the vanity cohesive, select a countertop that features flecks of the natural brown found in the wood.

Let a quartz countertop complement your bathroom vanity's unique design.