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Cool Things You Can Do With Curtains And Drapes

People without a good sense of home design often make the mistake of ignoring the benefits of curtains and drapes. That's a silly mistake: there are dozens of cool things that curtains can do for your home. Many of them will enhance the home's style, but others can actually save you money!

Make A Room Look Larger

Hanging curtains requires picking the best possible length and hanging the curtain rod properly. Performing these simple tasks improperly denies you of one simple benefit: making your room look bigger. Patterned drapes help catch the eye and, if you utilize a vertical pattern, will draw the eye up and make the room seem bigger.

And when it comes to hanging your curtains rod, hang it as near the ceiling as you feel comfortable and use curtains that stretch to an inch above the floor. This creates a tall and flowing look that will also draw the eye upward.

Add An Engaging Contrast To Your Room

Decorating a room in one color and style is a simple way to achieve a style, but for many people it's too simple. One inexpensive way that you can create a suitable contrast for your room is to utilize your curtains. Try to pick colors that are different, yet suitable, for your room.

Choosing the best contrasting curtain colors requires examining a few different tint, shade, hue, and saturation. Hue refers to the colors, such as orange and blue, while tint and shade refer to the lightness of the color.

Sometimes, you may be able to use colors that are similar in hue, but vary by tint and shade. Experiment with a few curtain colors to get a contrast that works well for your room and your style.

Increase A Room's Heating And Cooling Efficiency

One major problem caused by large and beautiful windows is a significant decrease in heating and cooling efficiency. However, if you buy insulated curtains, you may be able to help curb much of that loss.

Insulated curtains or drapes are those that have been built with four layers of insulation that are designed to keep your home's temperature consistent. They will help keep heat from escaping your home during the winter and keep it out during the hot summer months.

How much energy can insulated curtains save? Take into account the fact that drawing normal curtains at dusk helps decrease energy loss through the window by 15-17 percent. That level will jump significantly with insulated curtains.

These simple benefits are easy to implement, especially if you take the time to pick the nicest and most stylish curtains, blinds and drapes you can afford. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra money to really make your curtains stand out!