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Guide To A Gorgeous, Old-Hollywood Inspired Space

If you want to bring a sense of chic style and glamour to a space in your home, go with an old Hollywood-inspired theme. With the right furnishings, textures, and accents, you will feel like royalty as you lounge and entertain in your home.

Some ways to bring a piece of old Hollywood to your home include these style suggestions:

Add sophistication with sumptuous textiles. For a rich, elegant feeling in your space, fill the room with a variety of textiles. Go with lush velvet, shimmering silk, and voluptuous velour on your upholstery, window treatments, and accent pillows.

Bring in a dressing screen. A great dressing screen will really set the tone in your Hollywood-inspired space. Whether you are using this scheme for a master bedroom or an active family room, a screen helps to divide sections in your space for various activities or purposes, stylishly.

Go with gold for glamour. If you are going for a Hollywood-look, you have got to have some gold. Look for gold-toned fixtures, such as light-plates, ceiling fans, fireplace sets, and even the legs or hardware of your furniture. Brass is an excellent choice that has timeless appeal and versatility.

Invest in stone surfaces. A resilient stone floor is a wonderful way to upgrade your home, while giving a nod to days gone by. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, stone is an excellent option for any climate, and any room, which has been chosen in some of the most elegant homes for generations.

Buy light that adds to the atmosphere. Lighting can add to the mood and atmosphere of your space, so look for some light fixtures that exude that old Hollywood feel. For instance, invest in vintage chandeliers or pendant lamps, which will hang in your space and evoke conversation.

Imbibe in vintage focal points. Consider investing in one truly fantastic focal point for your space; this may be a great piece of vintage furniture or a really lovely piece of art. For instance, a stunning leather sectional seating arrangement or a velveteen chaise (or "fainting couch") make useful and eye-catching focal points in any room.

Make a space in your home into a homage to the silver screen with an old Hollywood-inspired theme. Bring in unique furnishings, classic fixtures, diverse textures, and vintage pieces to recreate the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood-style home. Talk with furniture retailers regarding the best pieces to fit your remodeling budget, and to suit your distinctive preferences. Visit http://www.mh2g.com/ for more information.