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Keep Pesky Mosquitoes Out Of Your Home Using These Ideas

Like many other pests, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes tend to make their way inside even when care is taken to keep the windows and doors closed. Once indoors, mosquitoes don't waste time looking for skin to latch onto for an easy meal – and this tends to result in lots of itching and annoyance for the humans in the household. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep mosquitoes from infiltrating your personal space when spending time at home, especially during the hotter seasons of the year. Consider incorporating the following ideas into your household:

Introduce Some New Houseplants

You can effectively repel mosquitoes within your home by introducing a few new houseplants to the environment. Some houseplants emit distinct smells that mosquitoes don't like and which keeps them from wanting to hang around. The following houseplants can be used both indoors and out to optimize mosquito control:

  • Lemon Balm

  • Marigolds

  • Citronella

  • Lavender

  • Basil

Plant your favorite options in small pots and hang them in the corners of rooms, give them a home on windowsills, and create centerpieces with them on various tables throughout your home. You can also plant them outside near areas where you like to spend time.

Make Homemade Repellent

With the help of a few essential oils, you can create homemade mosquito repellent that effectively doubles as air freshener. Just fill some small decorative containers with a little water and infuse them with a few drops of your chosen essential oils. Then place the containers around your home to keep mosquitoes away and to maintain a pleasant smell indoors. Create your own repellent air freshener using one or more the following essential oil options:

  • Eucalyptus

  • Thyme

  • Peppermint

  • Bergamot

If you have pets that may drink or spill the bowls full of essential oil, you can put your water and oils in a reusable spray bottle and spray the concoction around your home periodically throughout the day.

While these tips and tricks are sure to help keep mosquito infiltration down to a minimum, it's a good idea to have a pest control specialist inspect and treat your home once a year. This will not only minimize mosquito problems, but it will help cut down on any other pest issues you may experience with pests such as roaches, flies, and ants. Your service provider should be able to offer you a list of specific suggestions you can use to keep pest problems to a minimum between professional visits too. Check with a company like Bisaillon's Rid All Termite & Pest Solutions for more tips.