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Finishing Your Basement Can Radically Increase Your Living Space

Finishing your basement can radically increase your living space. However, unless you have a specific need you're addressing—such as an expanding family—it may be difficult to know the best way to remodel your basement. Think about what activities you do now that could be benefited by your having more room. From there, design a finished basement that complements your lifestyle and adds value to your home.

Spare Bedroom

A common addition for a finished basement is a spare bedroom. First, start by insulating the ceiling to minimize the sound of footsteps overhead, and finish it in a style befitting the rest of the space. Likewise, install carpeting for comfort. From there, use a cheerful palette, perhaps with yellow or peach as its foundation, to create a cozy ambiance. While it's not necessary to furnish your spare bedroom as well as your master, do choose pieces specifically for that room instead of just filling it with leftovers from the rest of the house.

Family Lounge

Another popular basement idea is the family lounge. You should start with the same insulation and carpeting as the spare bedroom for comfort. However, a family lounge may be more spacious than a bedroom, so the palette might be neutral. Indeed, if you're planning on entertaining, consider a chic gray color scheme. Next, talk to your contractors about wiring the room for sound and Internet to keep the cords hidden. Finally, Better Homes and Gardens suggests furnishing the room with comfortable pieces that can expand out to accommodate larger groups. Such an arrangement affords your basement lounge the most usability.

Hobby Room

The people in your family probably have hobbies. How convenient would it be to have space for them to enjoy these activities? Even if you're adding a bedroom or lounge, consider dedicating some of the basement to a hobby room. The space should be outfitted with the appropriate storage, such as tiny cubbies for craft supplies or drawer inserts for tools. Depending on the hobby, you might have tables built in or just add furniture as appropriate. A very important consideration is adequate lighting, especially if the hobby involves fine work. Plan the lighting ahead of time to incorporate it seamlessly into the space.


Whether you're accommodating guests or indulging in hobbies, a kitchen space makes sense. It doesn't have to be as well outfitted as your standard kitchen, but it should include a sink and a mini-refrigerator. You should also include some cabinetry. From there, you can accommodate it to specific needs, such as transforming it into a wet bar for entertaining or a coffee bar for sleepover guests.

Design a finished basement that adds beauty and value to your lifestyle, and get a professional such as Property Service Agency LLC to help you make it a reality.