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4 Tips For Preparing Your Trees For Winter

Winter is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start getting the trees on your property ready for winter. The coldest months of the year can be very stressful on trees, so preventative action is essential if you want them to still be alive when spring arrives. Use the following tips to ensure that your trees are healthy through the winter:

Trim Back Trees

Ice storms and heavy snow can cause limbs and branches to crack or snap off, which can leave a tree vulnerable to continuing damage. One of the best things you can do during the falls months is hire a tree service company to remove weak branches and limbs that are at risk from winter storms. In addition to protecting your trees, trimming them back can also prevent broken branches or limbs from breaking and damaging your home.

Keep Trees Warm

The roots of a tree are generally not as hardy as the branches and stems, and they can be more sensitive to cold. If you want to keep the freezing temperatures from damaging the roots of your trees, place a layer of mulch around the tree to help keep the soil temperature from dropping too much. You can use straw or wood chips, but just make sure that the mulch is several inches thick so it creates an effective barrier against the cold. 

Provide Water

Winter air is often very dry, and as the ground freezes during the winter it can be difficult for your tree to access water which can lead to a low moisture content. During the fall months, it is a good idea to water all of your trees thoroughly--the ground should be very moist, but not waterlogged. Continue watering until the ground freezes to ensure that your trees are entering winter with an ample moisture content.

Protect Against Rodents

Pests such as mice and wild rabbits can damage trees in the winter while they are foraging to find food. If rabbits are a big problem in your area, you may want to place a wire mesh enclosure around the trunk of the tree to keep them from eating the bark of your trees. Mice can be harder to keep away--if your trees have been infested with mice, you may need to set out traps or call a pest management company for assistance. Paint-on repellants that keep rodents away from trees are also available in many garden centers. 

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