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3 Tips for Soldering Copper Pipes

Having the ability to make simple plumbing repairs in your home can save you both time and money in the future. Since many plumbing pipes are made of copper, knowing how to solder copper pipes can be a useful skill when it comes to caring for your home's plumbing system.

Here are three simple tips to keep in mind when you need to solder a copper pipe in order to complete a plumbing repair in the future.

1. Invest in the right solder.

Solder, the metal additive used to permanently join two pieces of metal together, plays a critical role in determining the success of your plumbing repairs. When you are working with copper pipes, it's important that you invest in lead-free solder that is designed specifically for use with copper pipes.

Lead-free solder ensures that no lead residue will leach into your home's water supply, and a solder that is designed specifically for use with copper ensures that you can safely and securely join two sections of pipe made from this soft metal together.

2. Invest in a tube cutter.

When you need to remove a section of damaged copper pipe in order to replace it by soldering a new section in its place, you should take the time to invest in the right tools to complete the job. Access to a tube cutter can make successful plumbing repairs involving copper pipes a lot easier.

Since copper is such a soft metal, there is the possibility of bending and warping when you use tools that rely on extreme force in order to make cuts in the pipe. A tube cutter is designed to cut copper by creating a series of shallow score marks. These shallow cuts prevent the crushing of the delicate copper, allowing you to successfully complete your plumbing repairs without causing additional damage.

3. Heat the joint, not the solder.

In order to ensure a proper seal when joining two pieces of copper pipe together, you should always apply heat from your propane torch to the joint, not the solder. This ensures that the soldering material will not become too hot and melt out of place.

Hold the propane torch on one side of the joint, and hold your soldering material on the other to create an effective and functional seal.

Understanding how to work with copper pipes can make it easier for you to complete basic home plumbing repairs in the future. Be sure to purchase the right solder, invest in a tube cutter, and heat the joint instead of the solder to successfully join sections of copper pipe.

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