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3 Reasons Custom Drapes Are The Perfect Window Covering Solution

Custom drapes are window coverings that are made to fit specific windows. They can be installed on any window regardless of size. Many homeowners choose to purchase ready-made window coverings, and they might spend a lot of money on them. However, the cost of mass-produced window coverings might not be a true reflection of the quality. Some of these products do not have guarantees, and they might not last as long as the homeowner intended. The following points identify a few things to expect from custom drapes.

Perfect Sizing

Customization means that perfect measurements will be made for each window that the drapes get installed in. This leaves no room for errors. Storebought drapes might be slightly too big or too small for windows. This can negatively impact the overall aesthetics of a room. If the fabric is cut longer than the width of the window, it is likely to bunch up on the ends. If the width of the material is slightly shorter than the window, gaps are likely to be obvious. Alterations might be able to correct excessive material issues. But, it makes sense to get custom drapes if alterations are going to be needed. This would allow for a perfect solution that does not need to be altered.

Perfect Matching

Sometimes homeowners want specific patterns, textures, or colors for their drapes. It might be hard to find these from retailers. Custom drape representatives have the skills needed to source materials. They consult with clients to get a clear understanding of what they want. Sometimes individuals have photos or other types of samples to give representatives an idea of what they want. Even if it is a matter of getting drapes in a solid color, representatives can ensure that the color match is perfect.

Perfect Linings 

Quality drapes have durable linings. This is important to prevent sun damage. Over time, drapes that do not have a lining or those that have subpar linings are prone to fading and lining shrinkage. Custom drapes feature the best materials for lining the back of draperies. Care is taken to stitch the linings to ensure that the durable material stays attached to the drapes. These protective measures can give homeowners peace of mind that their custom drapery investment will last for years.

Most custom drapes companies offer outstanding quality assurance for their products. They may also offer installation services. Individuals who want custom drapes might be assigned a representative to assist them personally. This transparency allows for quick updates on progress and makes communication processes easier.

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